History of the Silver Queen Hotel, Ghosts and Hauntings

The Silver Queen Hotel, a historic landmark in Virginia City, Nevada, holds a bewitching blend of antiquity and the paranormal. With a compelling silver queen history and tales of eerie silver queen hauntings, it continually lures in history buffs and ghost hunters alike.

The Birth of the Silver Queen

In 1876, the Silver Queen Hotel first opened its doors. It is the oldest hotel in Virginia City, boasting 28 beautifully restored rooms that transport visitors back to the 19th century. Its name originates from a stunning 15 feet tall portrait of a woman, known as the Silver Queen. This work of art is adorned with 3,261 Morgan silver dollars, symbolizing the depth of the deepest mine in the city. Her belt is made of 28 $20 gold coins, while her necklace and bracelet are crafted from silver quarters.

The Silver Queen’s Many Faces

Throughout its history, the Silver Queen has served various purposes. The wedding chapel, now a popular spot for nuptials, was once a makeshift morgue. During the harsh winters, when the ground was too frozen to bury the dead, bodies were kept here instead.

inside the silver queen hotel

The Hotel’s Historic Charm

The Silver Queen Hotel offers a unique experience to its guests by preserving its historical ambience. It forgoes modern amenities such as elevators, air conditioners, televisions, and Wi-Fi. Its main floor houses a spacious saloon from the 1870s, featuring large wooden back bars and counters. The Silver Queen portrait is also prominently displayed here.

Tales of the Paranormal

Despite its charm, the Silver Queen Hotel is perhaps best known for its reputed paranormal activity. Guests and staff alike have reported strange occurrences, leading many to believe that the hotel is haunted. The most active areas are said to be Room 11 and Room 13.

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The Ghost of Rosie

The most famous ghost of the Silver Queen is Rosie. According to legend, Rosie was a prostitute who took her own life in Room 11. Guests have reported hearing tapping on walls, jingling doorknobs, and heavy footsteps on wooden floors – even though the hotel is carpeted. Rosie is said to have a preference for men and primarily visits rooms occupied by males.

The Spirit of Annie

Another spectral resident is a female ghost named Annie. Guests have reported hearing footsteps, disembodied voices, and unexplained tapping sounds. Some also claim to have seen shadowy apparitions.

Haunting Repetitions

The Silver Queen Hotel is also home to ghostly reenactments. An epic fight between a man and a woman from the hotel’s gold rush days is said to play out repeatedly, much to the bewilderment of guests.

Paranormal Investigations

The Silver Queen Hotel has been the subject of numerous investigations by paranormal enthusiasts and TV shows. One such show is Ghost Adventures, which featured the hotel five times. Zak Bagans, the host, even got a tattoo of the number 11, referring to the room where Rosie is said to have died.

Stories from Guests

Many guests have shared their spine-chilling experiences at the Silver Queen. Unexplained noises during the night, whispering in the hallways, and doors slamming shut are common occurrences. Some have even reported feeling a presence rushing towards them in the hallway.

The Silver Queen Today

Today, the Silver Queen Hotel embraces its haunted reputation. Owner Connie Carlson maintains a book where guests can record their experiences. The hotel continues to attract those interested in both the silver queen history and silver queen hauntings, making it a unique destination for history and ghost enthusiasts alike.


The Silver Queen Hotel is a testament to Virginia City’s rich history and its fascination with the paranormal. Whether you’re interested in its captivating silver queen history or intrigued by the silver queen hauntings, a visit to the Silver Queen Hotel offers an enchanting journey into the past.

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