What are the signs of Demonic Possession

  • Drastic personality changes: One of the signs of demonic possession is a sudden and extreme change in behavior or personality. The person may exhibit violent or aggressive behavior, become excessively irritable or withdrawn, or display a complete shift in their moral values and beliefs.

Example: A normally calm and friendly individual suddenly starts exhibiting violent outbursts, engaging in self-harm, or displaying inappropriate sexual behavior.

  • Suppressed or altered speech: Another sign can be a noticeable change in the person’s speech patterns. They may speak in different languages that they have no prior knowledge of, use a distorted or unnatural tone of voice, or exhibit involuntary vocalizations.

Example: A person who has never studied or had any exposure to a foreign language suddenly begins speaking fluently in a language they have no prior knowledge of, and do so in a trance-like state.

  • Extraordinary strength: In some cases, individuals who are possessed by demons may display superhuman strength. They can exhibit the ability to overpower others effortlessly, break through restraints, or perform physical feats that are not possible for an average person.

Example: A person with a small build suddenly displays immense strength, lifting heavy objects or overpowering multiple individuals without any apparent effort.

  • Aversion to religious symbols or rituals: Demonic possessions often involve a strong aversion or negative reaction to religious symbols, prayers, or rituals. The person may become physically agitated or even violent when exposed to religious artifacts, holy water, or religious rituals.

Example: A person becomes visibly distressed or enraged when confronted with a crucifix, holy water, or attempts at performing a religious ritual, such as exorcism.

  • Supernatural abilities or knowledge: Possessed individuals may exhibit knowledge of hidden or personal information that they could not have known through ordinary means. They may also display supernatural abilities, such as levitation, telekinesis, or clairvoyance.

Example: A person accurately predicts future events or reveals confidential information that they have no way of knowing, leaving others astonished.

It’s important to note that these signs alone do not definitively indicate demonic possession, and it is crucial to consult professionals such as religious leaders and mental health experts for a thorough evaluation and appropriate intervention.

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