Experiencing a Haunting? Request a Paranormal Investigation

Experiencing a haunting? We are here to help you through paranormal activity! Request a paranormal investigation if you live the following geographical areas: Reno, Carson City, Virginia City, South Lake Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe, Washoe, Elko, or Northern Nevada. We investigate and research paranormal activity that includes: ghost, demon, or other anomalous experiences.

Nevada is the area of focus for our paranormal group. Reno paranormal investigations conducts our research on both on commercial buildings and private homes.

If you want to request a paranormal investigation, please contact us via the form below. All correspondence is kept confidential and our team will respond to you within a day. Our hours for paranormal investigation are Monday through Sunday.

Request a Paranormal Investigation Form

Reno Paranormal Investigation Core Values

When you request a paranormal investigation it is important to understand our core values. First and foremost, Reno Paranormal values a thorough and respectful investigation of any paranormal activity that they may come across. This means that they prioritize researching and documenting the phenomena in a manner that is not only thorough but also respectful of those involved. They understand that our investigation may have a personal impact on the lives of those they investigate, which is why they value respect as a cornerstone of their ethical code.


Another core value that Reno Paranormal upholds is their dedication to educating the public about paranormal phenomena. This includes theories, history, and experiences that they gather through their investigations. This value serves as a way to bridge the gap between those who may be skeptical of such phenomena and those who believe in it. By sharing their knowledge, Reno Paranormal aims to establish an open-minded dialogue that encourages exploration and curiosity of the paranormal world.


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In terms of collaboration, Reno Paranormal values teamwork and partnership with other paranormal organizations. They acknowledge that paranormal activity occurs in various forms and in different locations, and by working with other groups, they can expand their knowledge and resources. This value also aligns with their goal of promoting a scientific approach towards paranormal investigation.


Lastly, Reno Paranormal understands the importance of confidentiality and respecting privacy during investigations. Any information obtained during the investigation is kept confidential unless explicit consent has been given. Investigating without permission or violating privacy can lead to legal and ethical repercussions. They believe that an ethical investigation should seek to preserve the dignity of the dead and to avoid causing distress or disruption. All research is considered a private paranormal investigation unless the research and findings are released by the client.

Ethics and values play a crucial role in paranormal investigations. Reno Paranormal has established a set of core values that prioritizes respect, inclusivity, education, collaboration and confidentiality. Adhering to these values gives them credibility as an organization, and ensures that their investigations are conducted in a manner that is not only thorough but also ethical. The world of paranormal may be mysterious, but it is up to those investigating it to uphold integrity and ethical values.

Thank you for considering us when you request a paranormal investigation when you are experiencing a haunting. We hope that together we can not only you help you with your paranormal activity, but help others with the data and learnings that we gather.