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Reno paranormal is a paranormal research group that is located in Reno Nevada. We serve the following areas, Reno, Washoe, Tahoe, Northern Nevada, Central Nevada, and Eastern California. Please feel free to read our investigator bios, and if you are join a paranormal group please fill out the form on the bottom of the page.

Paranormal Team Members

Tim Wood: Founder / Lead Reno Paranormal Investigator

Reno Paranormal Investigations was established by Tim Wood, who is a veteran paranormal investigator with a two-decade track record. He is renowned for his assistance to families dealing with malevolent supernatural occurrences and his employment of advanced paranormal tests to document and converse with the spirit world.

Growing up in a haunted house in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tim was exposed to many paranormal experiences which developed an early interest in the subject. This led him to attend UC Davis and, in 2002, begin investigating the paranormal in Northern California. This eventually led to the creation of Bay Area Paranormal Investigations (BAPI), Sonoma Spirit, and Bay Area Society for Paranormal Research (BASPR), and SF Paranormal. During this time, Tim studied the paranormal under Lloyd Auerbach.

tim wood reno paranormal
Tim reacts to demon activity while Scott documents a Paranormal Investigation in Anaconda, MT

LIVE Paranormal Investigations

2007 saw the launch of Tim’s livescifi.tv, which was the first ever website to stream live ghost hunts online. This site has continued to broadcast interactive paranormal investigations from some of the most famous haunted spots around the world.

Millions have tuned in to his webcasts to witness the interactive experience he provides. He is renowned as a professional paranormal researcher and a leader in the area of live streaming.

Tim’s revolutionary techniques and unconventional approach to paranormal investigations have enabled people from numerous countries to take part in and witness paranormal activity during his streamed paranormal investigations.

Examining the Supernatural

Investigations into the mysterious and unknown are the focus of paranormal research. Seeking to understand what lies beyond the realm of the natural, these inquiries delve into the enigmatic and unexplainable.

He has looked into some of the most renowned haunted places across the globe, such as Sallie House, Bobby Mackey’s, Waverly Hills, Alcatraz, Sharon Tate House, Queen Mary, USS Hornet, Washoe Club, Haunted Hill House, Goatman’s Bridge, Villisca Axe Murder House, Welles House, and St. Mary’s Hospital.

In the SF Bay area, he has provided assistance to plentiful households by conducting private paranormal investigations within their homes.

In 2013, Tim obtained the Welles House in Wilkes Barre, PA, also known as the Amityville House of Pennsylvania. He opted to live in and research the paranormal in the house 24/7 in order to document any supernatural activity.

Paranormal Programming on the Travel Channel

The Travel Channel offers a variety of shows that focus on paranormal phenomena. Such programming is available for viewers to explore the mysterious and unknown.

Tim has gained widespread recognition as a lead paranormal investigator on Travel Channel’s “It Feels Evil and Ghost Town Terror.” He has also featured on Discovery+’s Paranormal DeClassified, Fright Club, and Haunted Salem LIVE. Publications, books, and news articles have highlighted his research at these sites and his findings on hauntings.

Requesting an Investigation into the Paranormal

Are you located in the Bay Area and require assistance with matters related to the paranormal or a haunting? Submit a request for a paranormal investigation here.

Exorcist – Bishop James Cloud

Reno Paranormal

About Bishop James Cloud

  • Rev. Dr. James Cloud (Bishop Cloud) Born and raised in California, his family has experienced paranormal activity for multiple generations. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in business, a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy and has a Doctor of Divinity as well as a Doctor of Theology. 
  • He has been an active exorcist since the age of 18 when he began by assisting his father in his ministry of exorcism and deliverance. He is currently the Superior for the Advent Catholic Church’s Order of Exorcists and is an Anglo-Catholic Archbishop. He is also affiliated with the Sacred Order of St. Michael which is also an order of exorcists. 
  • He has appeared on numerous radio shows and has appeared on the Travel Channel several times including, “It Feels Evil,” “Ghost Adventures,” “In Search of Monsters” and others as an expert in his field. 

Paranormal Investigator – Scott Di Lalla

Scott Di Lalla Reno Paranormal

About – Scott Di Lalla

  • Scott has been actively investigating the paranormal and helping families with dark paranormal activity for over 14 years.  His attraction to the paranormal ties directly into his thoughts of what happens to us after we pass from this existence. 
  • Scott grew up in a Roman Catholic family, and has helped numerous families who are facing evil first hand.
  • Scott has appeared as a paranormal investigator on It Feels Evil (Travel Channel, Discovery +, 2019) and on Ghost Town Terror (Travel Channel, Discovery +, Max, 2022 and 2023).  

Psychic Medium – Lilly Small

Lilly Small Reno Paranormal

About Psychic Medium Lilly Small

  • Lilly Small has researched the world of the metaphysical / occult and has conducted paranormal investigations for 20 years. 
  • At an early age, she discovered that she could communicate with the dead. She is a practicing clairvoyant, an empathic physical medium who uses her abilities to help her clients seek answers from beyond the veil.
  • Lilly primarily uses automatic writing and channeling in order to clearly communicate with the other side.

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